April 30

100 word challenge

I landed on the ground with a thud, the wind from impact pushing the dust away. In my left arm was perched a basket, half filled with flowers. In the distance, I could hear a loud horn. Smoke rose from the east, blowing west, screams of terror slapping me in the face. I left the basket behind, grabbing my bow, and ran. In the distance, I could see the enemy ship flee. To my horror, I saw the remains of the fields. Thankfully, I found that nobody died; the enemies only got the chance to set our fields on fire.

April 2

100 word challenge

So on Sunday my mum and I went to the shops to get some new wall paper. When we where there we looked for the wall paper section when we found it there where lots of different colors there was red,green,pink,silver,gold,blue,orange,brown and purple we chose the gold one. When we got home we went to the shed to get a roller so that we could roll it on easily but when we started to roll it on we released IT WAS THE WRONG COLOR. So my mum and i went back to the shop we got the blue one and it was perfect.

February 19

100 word challenge {the bear}

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Jessica, Jessica had a bear named staffy. One day her and her parents went out when they went Jessica dropped her bear. Later that day he parents found out she had dropped the bear in the park. All of a sudden Jessica started crying she was crying for ever and ever, but then she remembered where she had dropped the teddy bear. So they started To walk back to the park one hour latter the got to the park and she found her bear and was happy.

February 12

100 word challenge {it was completely out of tune }

It was the fist music lesson. I was stressed out sweating my skin off waiting out side of the music room for the people before me to finish. They walked out of the room laughing their heads off. I walked in with the other kids.The man told us to take a seat in front of a drum kit. Then he held out a piece of paper then in best voice i have ever heard he said do we have charlie then do we have Ethan the do we have coby everybody started laughing that was the best we said walking out.

November 29

100 word challenge

We were on the television and there was a tsunami in japan.

So i was cut of the show and i was mad as ANYTHING.

Because we   were cut of the show so we went to the shops and got a super large ice cream for free.

when we got home we went on the t-v and we found out that the tsunami in japan was coming for us, we went and bought a jet and we flew into the tsunami and we got eaten by sharks and then at last got on the t-v and we were happy.


May 17

nuke town

Once upon a time in a unknown land there lived a boy named Tom.

Now Tom here has a polar  bear named Total now these lonely pair of kids and polar bear they live in a place called nuke town witch is the town that gets bombed the most in the world. Now every Sunday they walk up to the shops to get a drink.

except this time it was different.   So there just walking when they hear a very loud explosion. That was when they saw a very big bomb in the ground close to the shop’s.

“Nooo our shops that we always go to!” shrieked Tom

“Wait a sec is that a a a n  n nuke bomb Total” screamed Tom

“But hey it dose look pretty cool” sighed Tom

“grrrrrrrrrrrrr.” growled  Total

“Ok Ok Ok  settle down i was just looking  at the big beauty.” exclaimed tom

They started to run as fast as they can away from the bomb.

At that point tom’s heart was beating faster then a man’s heart when he is in the ocean  next to a great white shark.